Fan comics

Ehehh. Detenator unwittingly inspired this page. His site is here and his comics are on this page too, so they'll be up there before they are here. ^_^.

Comics by Detenator.

Description: Series about some teenagers' points of view on Pokemon. ^_^. It's not graphic or anything, however I would put a PG warning on some. You have been warned. Now watch as everyone is immediately attracted to the comic. ^_-.

Merchandising goes too far
Self defense
Defending characters...
Impressive. I think.
Disturbing fetishes
More conflict resolution
Comic the movie, part 1
Comic the movie, part 2
Comic the movie, part 3
Nothing like a cute mascot...
Merchandising gone wrong
Local newspaper
Fight of the century

Comics by WytWolf.

Description: Based on the show. G-rated.

Wishful thinking...

Comics by Leto.

Two of them are what I would do if I didn't have the unfortunate burden of being sane, and two based on the show. G-rated.

Revenge of the underappreciated
Top cat

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